1176-SW 1U 19" Urei 1176-SA compatible Stereo kit for use with 1176LN Peak Limiter Compressor by Universal Audio (UAD)

A stereo link unit for 1176 in a convenient 1U rack unit (19 inch). Switchable on the front panel. Can be switched to dual mono and stereo operation of two 1176LN Limiters. Includes trim pot for adjusting meters gainreduction on both units to 0dB.

Also available as double configuration 1176-SW 2. For linking four 1176LN units into two stereo pairs using only one 1U 19" rack unit.



For availablity please contact via e-mail: frank DOT 1176sw AT alshetgaatom.com

Your unit will be made on request.


The 1176-SW contains the 1U rack unit with 1176-SA circuit, two cinch (RCA) cables of adequate length and one AA size 1.5 Volt Litium battery for reliable operation.

The 1176-SW 2 contains the 1U rack unit with two fully independent circuits, four cinch (RCA) cables in two different lengths and two AA size 1.5 Volt Litium batteries.

As an option the front panel can be customized to your wishes. Please tell us what you want and we will give you a quote. E-mail: frank DOT 1176sw AT alshetgaatom DOT com